Since 2018 SeaGrown has been pioneering an exciting new idea – growing sustainable, carbon-rich seaweed in the cold waters off the beautiful Yorkshire Coast.

Using our unique modular system, "Kelpedo™", in this offshore setting gives us the opportunity to mitigate the climate crisis and help the oceans recover.

We have developed a brand-new method for seaweed farming which can stand up to the challenging open-water environment of the wild North Sea. Our system works in harmony with other marine users, and provides environmental benefits to the sea and to the climate. Kelpedo™ - is the most potent underwater weapon in our fight against climate change and biodiversity loss.

At SeaGrown we also run our own bespoke seaweed hatchery
to provide seeds for the farm - allowing us to focus on producing local, native seaweed species.

  • Scientists estimate that acre-for-acre, seaweed is up to 20 times more effective at absorbing carbon from the atmosphere than woodland is onshore.

  • At the same time as absorbing tons of carbon, seaweed releases oxygen into the surrounding water, uses up other excess nutrients and creates new habitats allowing marine life such as fish, mammals and birds to flourish.

  • The seaweed we grow can be used to sustainably manufacture products like biodegradable plastics, bio-chemicals, natural food additives, textiles, fertilisers and of course as a highly nutritious food source for our growing population. SeaGrown also uses our farmed seaweed to produce sustainable food seasonings and bath products.