Bright Blue is SeaGrown’s workboat and has been gracing the views of Scarborough Harbour since late July 2019.

Originally named Earl II, she worked as an oil spill response vessel on the south coast of Britain. She is a twin-hulled aluminium catamaran which provides a solid work platform at sea. The wheelhouse, you might note, is an unusual construction with a tunnel running right through the centre from the bow to the stern. This enables lines to be hauled up either from the bow or the stern using the powerful hydraulic winch on Bright Blue’s aft deck.

Since SeaGrown took ownership, she has undergone several changes and modifications (other than the name) to repurpose her for life in the North Sea working as an aquaculture vessel.

She’s had a full repaint in company colours from the jet black and bright orange she used to be, to the blazing white and deep blue she is now. A state of the art navigation system has been fitted which allows her crew to drop equipment to the seabed in very precise locations. The final major improvement saw the crane replaced with a brand new modern crane capable of lifting a huge amount of weight and manoeuvring it anywhere on or off the aft deck.

In sea-going operation, all the major elements of Bright Blue’s construction and equipment are fully taken advantage of to complete the task at hand. The crew work as a team to operate her propulsion engines, navigation systems, crane, and winch together and as harmoniously as possible to ensure the equipment is deployed to and recovered from the seabed efficiently, safely, and accurately.

Bright Blue is a vital piece of equipment and a valuable asset to SeaGrown, we’re very pleased to have her here and look forward to spending many years working aboard.