SeaGrown staff have over 40 years of marine operational and oceanographic expertise, as well as current experience of licensing and running a seaweed farm in exposed waters.

    Therefore we are in a unique position to help you if you are interested in becoming a seaweed farmer.


    We offer a bespoke consultancy service– ranging from advising on site locations and licensing, stakeholder assessments, environmental issues, marine facilities requirements, and site or vessel visits.


    Our scenario-based approach will be tailored to your proposed location and local facilities, giving you the information you need to make a balanced decision on your future needs..


Bright Blue is SeaGrown’s workboat.

She is a 20-metre twin-hulled aluminium catamaran with an 8-metre beam. 

On her large working deck, she carries a powerful hydraulic crane, winch, and A-frame across the stern.

On her mezzanine deck, a Polyethylene daughter craft with a 30hp outboard is stored, which is perfect for carrying out tasks which require the crew to get closer to the equipment or to head closer inshore or even land in remote locations. 

The bridge boasts a state of the art navigation system capable of allowing Bright Blue to be positioned in precise locations over the seabed to deploy equipment.

Other facilities on board include a galley, washroom, workshop, and crew mess.