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Our Team

Wave was always going to be a seafarer.  He’s spent most of his life on, in or under the sea.  After growing up in the Scarborough fishing community and learning the ways of the sea on local fishing boats, he spread his wings and travelled the world with the Royal Navy.  For good measure he’s also a deep sea diver and RNLI Lifeboat man.

Lately, Wave’s been spending his time navigating ships for the British Antarctic Survey, which is where he met Laura – a marine scientist who was in Antarctica researching the ecosystems of the Southern Ocean.

Wave and Laura have been literally falling over seaweed for years, so after a year of research they were really surprised to find out just how good it tastes and how much it can add to our lives.  From the salty umami taste of Dulse to the fresh smell of the sea in Seagreens, it’s not only delicious but it’s filled to the gunwhales with vitamins, minerals and good healthy stuff.

The pair decided to combine their talents and in 2018 they founded SeaGrown to give you the chance to bring all the fabulous benefits of seaweed into your life with a range of food and beauty products.  The sea is in our blood, why not add some of its goodness to yours?

SeaGrown – unlocking the ocean’s best-kept secret