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Seaweed for Life

At SeaGrown we are inspired by the sea, so we are offering you a sustainable and guilt-free way to benefit from all the good things our clean seas have to offer.

Seaweed is a healthy and delicious seafood – it is friendly to vegans, vegetarians and above all to the environment. In fact, seaweed protects our seas by using up carbon and producing oxygen as it grows. This improves the health of the ocean for all the life that lives in and around it. Hence our motto ‘Seaweed for Life.’

SeaGrown is working hard on the Yorkshire Coast, hand harvesting seaweed for products that you can feel good about using.

But this is only the first small step of our journey.  With the support of the Coastal Communities Fund we are going to establish a seaweed farm in the clean, cold, open waters of the North Sea. Our pioneering seaweed farm will ethically produce a sustainable crop which British Industry can use in lots of innovative ways – ranging from bioplastics to a new source of super-foods, pharmaceuticals and textiles.

This locally grown wonder-crop contains no added chemicals, uses no power or pesticides and doesn’t even take up any valuable land. Seaweed is a natural, organic, nutrient-packed, low-carbon super-food which will look after you as well as the ocean we grow it in.

As if that wasn’t enough, farming seaweed can help solve some of the biggest issues facing our planet today. It can be used to make biodegradable plastics – reducing the risk of harm to sealife – and it will uptake enormous amounts of carbon. In fact, scientists say that if seaweed was growing over just 9% of the oceans it could remove all of the human-produced carbon in the atmosphere, replace all of our fossil fuels and sustain increased fish production to help feed of all our growing population*.  Our seaweed farm will also act a haven for marine life, giving it a chance to reproduce and grow in a safe place.

We invite you to be part of our journey as we make these dreams a reality right here on the Yorkshire Coast. Help us to help the Earth and help yourself by using our products. 

* Antoine de Ramon, N.Y., Chynoweth, D.P., Capron, M.E., Stewart, J.R. and Hasan, M.A., 2012. Negative carbon via ocean afforestation. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 90(6), pp.467-474.



Earth-Friendly Practices

Seaweed uses sunlight and the nutrients in the sea to grow. There are no fertilisers, and no need to clear land for crops. 


We are developing a range of seaweed based products - from foods to beauty products, all based on our local Yorkshire Seaweed.

Research and Development

As we harvest and grow seaweed we are gathering lots of information on how it grows, when it grows, and how it is responding to changes in our climate.